Babbarra Women’s Centre is a collection of women from more that 12 language groups in the Maningrida region of Arnhem Land.

The women come together at the Art Centre to share their knowledge and ideas. Babbarra Designs, their main social enterprise, has been operating since 1989, and is the design and hand-printing of exquisite textiles. Babbarra Designs enables the women to achieve financial independence, for themselves, their community and the next generations.

Featured artist Lucy Yarawanga of Bábbarra Women’s Centre, Maningrida NT. Photograph by Ingrid Johanson.

Featured Artist: Lucy Yarawanga, Maningrida NT

Lucy is from the Gurr-goni language group of Arnhem Land. It is one of the least spoken languages in Arnhem Land, and is facing the threat of extinction.

Lucy is an emerging textile artist in silk screen and lino cut printing. Her textile work, which often depicts her ancestral stories, such as Bawaluba the woman spirit, contributes to the preservation and maintenance of her culture.