Baluk, also spelt balluk or balug, is a Boonwurrung word meaning group of people.

Baluk Arts is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated, non-profit Victorian Aboriginal arts organisation based in Mornington. Baluk artists are from diverse Aboriginal backgrounds from all over Australia. Strong artistic practices reflect themes of identity in a contemporary context, which help support cultural and creative well-being. Baluk Arts encourages community development, youth leadership, participation and interaction through innovative arts practice and all sales directly benefit Aboriginal artists by providing materials, studio space and development opportunities.

Featured Artist Lisa Waup of Baluk Arts. Image courtesy of Baluk Arts.

Featured Artist: Lisa Waup

Lisa Waup received a BA in Fine Art from RMIT University, and developed an affinity with Melanesian culture through her experience of living in Papua New Guinea. She is a descendant of the Gunditjmara and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and also recognises her Italian heritage. Lisa works with paper and ceramics and has developed a distinctive weaving practice. Her work symbolises layers of history, her stitching symbolising the reattachment of fragments.