Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation represents the Artists of Peppimenarti, 320 km South West of Darwin.

Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation is renowned for its fine, contemporary art production, including acrylic painting and fibre work. Senior artist Regina Pilawuk Wilson (winner, General Painting, Telstra National Indigenous Art Award 2003) leads a team of talented emerging and established artists including Kathleen Korda, Margaret Kundu, Miriam Byrnes, Rosina Tirak, Annunciata Wilson, Anastasia Wilson, Anne-Carmel Wilson and Malcolm Wilson.

Featured Artist Margaret Kundu of Durrmu Arts. Image courtesy of Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation.

Featured Artist: Margaret Kundu

Margaret Kundu is a senior artist at Durrmu Arts. She was born in the Daly River region and moved to Peppimenarti in 1976, where she still lives with her 6 daughters and many grandchildren.
Margaret started painting in 2001 and became renowned for her sun-mat paintings; acrylic expressions of the traditional woven decorative mats.
Her work has since been exhibited in shows in Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Margaret also paints durrmu (body painting dot) and bush tucker designs, including the water lily leaves, stalks and roots found on the floodplains surrounding Peppimenarti.