The goal of Gab Titui Cultural Centre is to contribute to the preservation and revitalisation of the rich Torres Strait Islands and the Northern Peninsula Area cultures, through the development and promotion of unique local art.

The Wabunaw Geth gallery, the main gallery space, has a changing program of exhibitions, displaying sculptures, headdresses, intricate lino-cut prints, wood carvings, paintings, and jewellery made from local materials such as pearl and sea shells. Traditional dance, music and song at the centre also relay stories from the different islands.

Featured Artist Barry Wawi Williams of Gab Titui Cultural Centre. Image courtesy of Gab Titui Cultural Centre.

Featured Artist: Barry Wawi Williams

“My name is Barry Wawi Williams and I am a descendent of the Magarem tribe on Mer Island, Torres Strait. My art reflects the Myths and Legends which was told to me by my ancestors. I enjoy carving and sharing my skills with the next generation. I utilise local raw materials such as the Wongai wood for all my carvings.