Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association is located in the community of Milikapiti on Melville Island in the Tiwi Islands.

Jilamara artists are nationally and internationally renowned for their unique, traditional Tiwi style. They produce contemporary works based on ceremonial body painting designs, clan totems and Tiwi creation stories. The Tiwi palette of red, yellow, white and black is made from natural ochre pigments collected on country around Melville Island.

Featured Artist Dino Wilson of Jilamara Arts and Crafts. Image courtesy of Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association.

Featured Artist: Dino Wilson

Dino paints Wantaringuwi which is the sun in Tiwi. He depicts the cycle of the rising morning sun and the setting evening sun. He applies the natural pigments of the Tiwi landscape in the form of crushed ochres, which seem to contain the very hues of Wantaringuwi.

“I paint suns, sitting around the fire, my families different countries on the Tiwi islands and maranga (bush potato). They find maranga around Paru and Pirlingimpi, it’s not the cheeky bush potato, you can eat it. The old people still eat it.”