Aboriginal owned Kira Kiro Arts was established in 2009 and is located in Kalumburu, the northernmost community in Western Australia.

The region is rich in rock art,  particularly of the Wandjina and Gwion, or Kira Kiro figures. Arts practice is grounded in the rock art tradition with contemporary practice also including secular themes of sea-life and flora.

Featured Artist Margaret Peurmora of Kira Kiro Arts. Image courtesy of Kira Kiro Arts.

Featured Artist:  Margaret Peurmora

Margaret grew up in Kalumburu and is the daughter of brilliant Kira Kiro artist Mary Punchi Clement. She began painting for Kira Kiro Arts in 2009, and has also worked as an Arts Worker for the Art Centre and plays an important role in the Kalumburu women’s group.

Margaret’s contemporary approach to her arts practice captures the emotions of her community, through beautifully abstracted images which contemplate existential themes from a unique perspective.