Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency is a vibrant Aboriginal owned Art Centre, that represents the five language groups of the Fitzroy Valley in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Mangkaja Artists are renowned for their uninhibited style, innovation and lively use of colour, painting images of country that share stories of culture and identity.

Featured artist Annette Lormada of Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency. Image courtesy of Mangkaja Arts.

Featured Artist: Annette Lormada

Annette Lormada grew up in the Fitzroy Valley and speaks two languages; Walmajarri and Nyikina. She paints with passion and bold colour, sharing the dreaming stories passed onto her by her mother and father about the country around Noonkanbah in the West Kimberley.
Her work celebrates animal life in the rivers and the figures of the dreaming stories which created the landscape of her country. Annette is committed to sharing her culture and stories and that is why she paints. She is especially enjoying the perspex medium and experimentation with graffiti art applicators, providing bold and graphic results.