The Milingimbi Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation is a community owned Art Centre that maintains an important position in the national art and cultural arena.

Milingimbi Art and Culture has a long history of producing works steeped in active cultural practices, including barks, ceremonial poles, carvings and weavings. Works from Milingimbi are integral to important collections in many National and International institutions.

Featured Artist Helen Ganalmirriwuy of Milingimbi Art and Culture. Image courtesy of Milingimbi Art and Culture.

Featured Artist: Helen Ganalmirriwuy

Helen Ganalmirriwuy was born in Milingimbi and grew up on her mothers homeland of Langarra on Howard Island. She has been weaving since she was a young girl and is now recognised as one of Australia’s master weavers. Helen weaves daily and is continually finding new ways of weaving native fibres into Bathi (baskets and dilly bags) mats, bags, hats, and most recently large scale sculptures.
Her work is characterised by her fine attention to detail and striking use of colour.