Munupi Arts & Crafts Association, located along Melville Island’s North-Western coastline at Pirlangimpi, is the most recently formed Art Centre on the Tiwi Islands.

In 1990 the Yikikini Women’s Centre and Pirlangimpi Pottery were incorporated under the name Munupi Arts and Crafts Association giving local artists an opportunity to proudly celebrate Tiwi culture through both traditional and contemporary mediums.

Featured Artist Lucinda Puruntatameri of Munupi Arts and Crafts. Image courtesy of Munupi Arts and Crafts

Featured Artists: Lucinda Puruntatameri

Lucinda was born in Darwin, but grew up in Pirlangimpi where she went to the local Primary School. Lucinda went to boarding school in Downlands College, Toowoomba, before coming back to the Tiwi Islands. She has one son.