Nagula Jarndu, which means Saltwater Woman in the local Yawuru language, is an Aboriginal womens arts and resource centre located in Broome, Western Australia.

While artists come from various cultural and language groups, all are inspired by the colours and natural beauty of their ancestral country, ranging from the desert or fresh water country, to the salt water country of Broome. The women specialise in block printing on textiles, and explore various colour, texture and pattern in their work.

Featured Artist Martha Lee of Nagula Jarndu. Image courtesy of the artist and Nagula Jarndu

Featured Artist: Martha Lee

Martha Lee is a Yawuru and Karrajarri woman from Broome. A long time artist at Nagula Jarndu, Martha’s personal art practice and experience is extremely varied and has a strong sense of pattern and colour sourced from the Kimberley landscape and traditional stories. Her passion is learning Yawuru language and producing children’s books for the schools with a focus on land, sea, country, kinship and Dreamtime stories. She has successfully produced 3D works for public art commissions and paintings, and currently focuses on various printing techniques including block printing and lino printing on paper and fabric.