Papunya Tjupi Arts is a 100% Aboriginal owned and directed community arts organisation based in Papunya, 250 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs.

Papunya is the birthplace of the Western Desert dot-painting movement. Artists are known for strong-line work and developing new ways to tell old stories.

Featured Artist Kerryanne Phillipus Nakamarra of Papunya Tjupi Arts. Image courtesy of Papunya Tjupi Arts.

Featured Artist: Kerryanne Phillipus Nakamarra

Kerryanne Phillipus Nakamarra is one of Papunya Tjupi’s most exciting emerging artists. She paints the Water Dreaming story of Kalipinypa, with her intricate, repetitive line work forming waves of tali (sandhills) across the desert. Kerryanne is the granddaughter of Long Jack Phillipus, and used to watch and help him paint for Papunya Tula.