Pirlangimpi Women’s Centre is located in the small community of Pirlangimpi, on Melville Island, Tiwi Islands.

At the Art Centre woman create unique hand-printed textiles, and arts & crafts, using Tiwi printed materials. Each piece is used to depict the stories and culture of the Tiwi Peoples and the land they live on.

Featured Artist Donna Burak of Pirlangimpi Women's Centre. Image courtesy of Pirlangimpi Women's Centre.

Featured Artist:  Donna Burak – Pirlangimpi, Tiwi Islands

Donna Burak was born in Milikapiti and grew up in Pirlangimpi. She enjoys lino carving and printing and uses print work to tell stories about culture, land and Tiwi dreaming. Her dance is crocodile, and her skin group is march fly from her mother’s side and pandanus from her father’s side.