Located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Spinifex Hill Artists were founded in 2008 to nurture the cultural and creative expression of the diverse Aboriginal communities of Port and South Hedland.

Situated on Kariera land, it is Port Hedland’s only Indigenous art collective. The professional studio environment is accessed by more than 100 artists from eight language groups.

Featured Artist Doreen Chapman of Spinifex Hill Artists. Photograph courtesy of Spinifex Hill Artists.

Featured Artist: Doreen Chapman

“Been born Jigalong. [S]He been come this way, Hedland. Doreen, me, from Karntimarta. Little girl [s]he start painting, Warralong. [S]he looking… looking… [s]he quick painter, quickly, looking, looking. No fishing, no hunting, no car, painting, painting every day eh? You been bring ‘em, [s]he painting, painting! (laughs)” – Doreen’s mother, Maywokka Chapman