Tangentyere Artists operates a not-for-profit arts hub across Alice Springs Town Camps (18 Aboriginal housing associations).

It encompasses a studio, gallery, and an outreach program, which includes Yarrenyty Arltere Artists. Tangentyere Artists is committed to innovative, sustainable, and ethical fine arts outcomes for Town Camp Artists, and is giving rise to a unique brand of visual storytelling.

Featured Artist Grace Kemarre Robinya Tangentyere Artists with Yarrenyty Arltere. Image courtesy of Tangentyere Artists with Yarrenyty Arltere.

Featured Artists: Grace Kemarre Robinya, Tangentyere Artists, Alice Springs

Grace Robinya was born in 1942 at the Hermannsburg Mission, where she was also raised. She married young and lived across Central Australia on cattle stations with her husband, raising her family. Eventually moving to Alice Springs, Grace joined Tangentyere Artists at its foundation in 2005. She faithfully records her mission, station and cultural life from her broad-ranging life experience.