Tiwi Design (TD) is a successful Indigenous Art Centre that has established a significant reputation within the Indigenous fine art market.

This contemporary arts practice has a long historic connection to Tiwi culture, from body painting and ceremony, through to the emergence of fabric printing and ceramics, that signaled the beginnings of Tiwi Design in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Today the Art Centre is is renowned for the diversity of artworks produced by its artists, including ochre paintings, carvings, screen-printed fabric and ceramics.

Featured Artist Jock Puautjimi of Tiwi Designs. Image courtesy of Tiwi Designs.

Featured Artist: Jock Puautjimi

Jock is a prodigious artist who works in a variety of media. He is an established
painter, print-maker, carver and ceramicist, and has worked at Tiwi Designs Art Centre since the early 1980’s. Jock’s works depict the Tiwi creation stories and are featured in national and
international collections.