Waralungku is the place name for the Burketown crossing on the McArthur River on the main road from Borroloola to Burketown.

It is also associated with the Hill kangaroo dreaming, where imprints of the kangaroo’s feet, tail and hindquarters are located at this site. Waralungku Arts represents over 40 artists from Yanyuwa, Garrwa, Gudanji and Marra language groups.

Features artists Dinah Norman and Jemima Miller of Waralungku Arts. Photograph courtesy of Waralungku Arts.

Featured Artist: Dinah Norman and Jemima Miller

Dinah Norman and Jemima Miller are Yanyuwa Elders who have worked with Waralungku Arts and numerous language and culture programs since the inception of Waralungku Arts and long before.