Yamaji Art is a 100% Aboriginal owned & operated art centre in mid-west, Western Australia.

Yamaji Art provides professional services to support and develop Aboriginal artists living in the Lower Murchison region of Yamaji Country. In particular is a focus on sustaining cultural maintenance and arts practices, whilst creating economic benefits.

Featured artist Kyra Johnson of Yamaji Art. Photograph by Roni Jones.

Featured Artist: Kyra Johnson

Kyra is one of Yamaji Art’s newest members, joining the Art Centre midway through 2018.
Kyra is Yamaji and Mirrawong nyarlu. After spending most of her childhood in Kununurra, she then moved to Geraldton with her family, which is when she started painting. She hasn’t stopped since! Kyra finds peace in her art; telling a story, getting a message across, or just to relax her mind.