Ikuntji Artists was the first Art Centre established for women of the Western Desert art movement.

Founded by the Luritja women of Haasts Bluff in 1992, as their own enterprise to earn money, Ikuntji continues to be a place for both women and men to learn and share their culture through art.

Featured Artist Anne Dixon of Ikuntji Artists. Photograph by Tobias Titz.

Featured Artist: Anne Dixon, Haasts Bluff

Anne Dixon is a visual and sculptural artist who has been painting for over 20 years. Anne is the daughter of Papunya Tula founding member Uta Uta Tjangala and is married to Simon Dixon, the son of Ikuntji Artists’ Alice Nampitjinpa. Her mother and sisters are all painters as well, and are part of the Watarru Collaborative from Tjungu Palya.