This year’s Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair is about family and kinship.

Besides being a great place for families to gather and spend family day together over a 3 day long weekend, the Art fair was a showcase of works by families of Artists.

Be it family units who sold Art pieces by their kins to Art centres existing in remote communities  having gravitated into family units, the Art works displayed are a result of family histories, pass down by previous generations, to be taught to future generations. The processes of collecting raw materials to sharing labour between men and women within households in order to create pieces of unique handcrafted Art works. The result of individuals who persisted in their pursuit of Art because of their love of their families.

This year’s Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair is about collaboration.

It’s not just the collaboration of over fourty Art centres and a hundred over Artists, but the collaboration between Artists and Art buyers, Art centre managers and Art makers.

As the workshops progressed, visitors stopped watching the Artists passively but sat down and created alongside the Artists. In exchange for learning traditional techniques, many brought in new ideas and began sharing the process of creation, similar to family units of collaborative Art makers.

Multiple Art centres and Aboriginal artists from various countries also presented performances that shared the voices of communities, representing a new world where Art evolve as people come together.

 This year’s Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair is about communities.

From the coming together of communities from various countries throughout Australia, to the convergences of buyers and sellers, to the meeting of Art experts and outsiders, the exhibition space ceased itself of borders.

Everyone came together to share their experiences. Everyone brought a little something to the table with questions and answers. Everyone helped each other and left the venue richer.

This year’s Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair is about celebrating Art. It’s about celebrating lifestyles. It’s about celebrating living together as a new community.