With less than a month to go until Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair begins, the Art Centres, who will be presenting at Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2014, have been working hard in the lead up to August. Read below to find out more about some of Australia’s most unique contemporary Art Centres including Babbarra Designs, Mangkaja Arts, Mimi Arts and Crafts and Injalak Arts and Crafts.

Babbarra Designs

Babbara Designs

Babbarra Designs is proudly owned by Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation and operates out of the Babbarra Women’s Centre in Maningrida, Arnhem Land. Babbarra Designs produces incredible textiles such as lino-printed fabric, and have over thirty silk screen print designs. The sewing team creates unique homewares and clothing. The artists depict the landscape, dreaming stories, spirit beings, bush foods and bush crafts from their country. The variation in subject matter reflects the cultural identity of women from the twelve different language groups in the Maningrida Region.

Mangkaja Arts 

Dolly Snell - Painting in Mangkaja studio - Painting on Canvas - 2013jpg

Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency is a vibrant arts centre, located in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia. It was established to support cultural, social and economic development. Representing artists across four language groups – Bunuba, Gooniyandi, Walmajarri and Wangkajunga, our artists are renowned for their uninhibited style and lively use of colour.

Mimi Arts and Crafts

Bill Harney  - Sculptures - Carved Wood Sculpture  -2010

Mimi Aboriginal Arts & Crafts is an Aboriginal owned and operated, not for profit art centre. Representing artists from the entire Katherine region, Mimi collects artwork from an expansive 380,000 square kilometres; from the Tanami Desert in the west, up to the Kimberley’s and across to the saltwater and freshwater people of Arnhem Land. Mimi’s artwork is as diverse as the lands it represents; styles include painting on canvas or linen, bark painting, fibre weaving, jewellery, didgeridoos, limited edition prints, carvings and weaponry.

Injalak Arts and Crafts

DAAF 2014 Template

Injalak Arts and Crafts is located in Gunbalanya, Western Arnhem Land, and supports more than 300 artist members. Our Kunwinjku artists are renowned for their figurative rock art imagery, including mimih figures, x-ray animals and Djang (ancestral stories) creating paintings on bark and Arches paper, limited edition prints, and hand printed fabrics.